A Krispy Kreme Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a world not unlike our own by too much, there was a small country called Krispy Kreme famous for its copious amount of doughnuts. Which suited the Krispy Kreme King just fine, since there wasn't much that he loved more than copious amounts of doughnuts.

For years, this kingdom ran happily, and all, from the king himself, to the lowliest pheasant…er... peasant, were joyful and content, feasting on doughnuts morning, noon and night. Until the day the Krispy Kreme King entered the royal treasure room to find only one box of doughnuts, containing only 9 doughnuts left. He called for his advisors and had them search the country for more doughnuts, but they returned empty handed. As royal temper tantrums go, the king's was one of the finest. And after he calmed down, he called for his oldest son.

Containing only 9 doughnuts!


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